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Our Story

CreateItMine Designs, LLC specializes in producing high-quality heat pressed designs on garments, drinkware and more, for holidays, special occasions, or just because. Whatever customers create in their minds is brought to life through CreateItMine Designs.

I have always loved unique and beautiful things. It all started as a kid when my thought process was simple: The pinker and prettier the better! And if it has my name on it: WINNING!” All was attainable, minus the name customization part. I could never find my name on anything. It was not a common name so I was usually out of luck when I wanted anything with my name on it. It was frustrating, especially growing up with close cousins named Shannon and Sophia. As time went on, and the creations of shops that specialize in customization, and the inventions of cutting machines came to be, the idea of having something with my name on it became more realistic. But then came my next problem: Custom items were more expensive and the machines??: forget about it!

Finally, the day came that I was mentally and financially ready to purchase a popular cutting machine. I quickly learned skills from Facebook groups and YouTube tutorials. I began to create all sorts of products for personal use as well as for customers. Here’s the turning point: Customers were requesting designs that my cutting machine just could not produce. Like printed full-color images without the use of vinyl for example. So, my desire to fulfill the needs of my customers, and not wanting to say “Sorry, I can’t do that” is what has led me to expand my business to do more. And so here we are, a customization shop that specializes in producing high-quality heat-pressed designs on garments, drinkware, and more. And guess what, when my customers want vinyl, CreateItMine Designs still does that too. 

My best,

CoCo Odum,

Owner of CreateItMineDesigns

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